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Application Development Basics

Application Development Basics

So you want to offer an application to your end users but where to begin and what to consider? Later this month, we will get into more specific verticals within application development; but for now, let’s keep things simple. Once you know why you are building an app, what and who it is for and what the desired goals are, you can get a few more questions answered.


This is the overall project including what you want to spend, which devices, and who your audience is. You started with an idea because you found a need; are you looking to improve workflow or create a new product or idea? This is your base.


Consider how users will interact with your app; will they see icons, buttons, or flashing lights? Will it be friendly for all mobile devices or select devices only? If, for example, you are strictly targeting iOS users, size would be limited to the iPhone or iPad screen dimensions. The more devices you are working with, the more timely and expensive your project will get. Android, iPhone, and Windows phones all have different requirements and let’s not forget all of the tablets available now. Your audience is extremely important to take into consideration; if your user base is primarily using the public library for internet services, then creating a mobile friendly app will be a waste of time and resources.


Whatever you decide for platform and presentation will mold the functionality of your app. Once the above decisions are made, app development can commence. Consider your audience and whether they are high speed, high tech folks or less so (using our earlier example, the library internet is likely to be slower).


Your audience comes to play once again. How will you market your new app? Can you use Facebook and other social media to get the word out or is it something that will need more traditional advertising in order for your target market to discover it?

If you have a geeky curiosity, check out this step by step guide to homemade web apps. Although, we highly recommend calling a professional and you will see why! As always in this industry, “what is right for today can be wrong for tomorrow” says Phil Dowson our lead developer. Please stay tuned for more granular application development blogs throughout the month of May.

H’appy apping!