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LaraChat Episode 17: Featuring Ryan Thompson

Terrostar’s Development Strategist, Ryan Thompson, was featured on LaraChat Live for their 2016 in review episode. LaraChat is a Slack community of more than 15,000 members worldwide. Each month LaraChat Live features some of the world’s most talented Laravel Developers. If you’re using PyroCMS, Ryan discusses its evolution and new features to expect in the coming year.

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Application Functionality and Launch

So you have laid out your application blueprints, determined which devices it will be utilized on, and considered all design angles to make it really stand out. Now it is time to take into consideration functionality; your app can be found and viewed from any device and it’s absolutely stunning but will it be used it if it’s not user friendly? We know you know the answer to that!

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Where’s Your Mobile App?

Mobile app stores these days are beginning to look more like a fully stocked Walmart than a small and simple boutique. How will you get your app to stand out among the thousands of other apps available to mobile users?

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Application Development From the Ground Up

As discussed in our previous blog, there are a few milestones that our process reaches on its journey to completion. I will be talking first about the platform, as this is the foundation to the project that must be decided upon from the beginning.

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Application Development Basics

So you want to offer an application to your end users but where to begin and what to consider? Later this month, we will get into more specific verticals within application development; but for now, let’s keep things simple. Once you know why you are building an app, what and who it is for and what the desired goals are, you can get a few more questions answered.

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