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Every Garden Needs Tending

Successful websites require your continued attention to be a fruitful tool for your business.  What have you done to your site lately to keep it relevant for your clients?  Are you stuck with little options for change and growth within your site?  Let Terrostar help you keep your website blooming!

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Analyze This and Measure That - Where to Begin with Web Analytics

You are a business owner seeking growth but growth has been stagnant for some time now. Sometimes the hardest place to look is in the mirror. But it is often the most productive too. This month we will focus on setting measurable goals and web analytics – are they for real? What can be measured? How can you narrow down and capitalize on this sometimes overwhelming data?

This week, we will focus on some questions you can ask yourself to help weed out the fluff from the true pain points. It’s your choice – you can either weed your garden or get to the root of the problem, pun intended!

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Is Your Website a Bookmark or a Bankroller?

“If you build it, they will come.” Many recall this notable quote from the movie, Field of Dreams. While this worked for Ray Kinsella, it doesn’t quite translate into the real world, or the virtual world for that matter. Unfortunately, many business owners employ this mindset while building or redesigning their websites. We refer to this type of web presence as a bookmark. The only time people visit the website is the initial look, if that, which will inevitably lead to a failure to achieve your goals of profit-laden sales.

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