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Search Engine Optimization

Can you spot the ads?

A simple color change might lead to a higher CTR for your Google AdWords campaigns. Maybe these color changes are a reaction to consumers’ increased annoyance with other, more intrusive forms of online advertising such as pop up ads or self-playing videos (yuck). People learn to ignore ads when they stand out.

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Is Pigeon Helping or Hurting Your Local Business?

It is our belief that major algorithm updates from Google are generally meant to help, not hurt, the businesses that are following the rules, and prior to now, there seemed to be a big push to come to the aid of SEO-law-abiding businesses. Our stance on white hat vs. black hat has not and will never change (100% white hat), but there are occasions where Google, king of search, leapfrogs over these certainties, leaving us puzzled (a fun game they like to play to keep us on our toes, perhaps?).

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SEO Copywriting: Your Readers Always Comes First

Keeping your website content fresh and inviting is a tough endeavor by itself. But, if you want to get noticed by search engines, you’re undoubtedly trying to work in strategic keywords and phrases to boost your rankings. So, how do you write for search engines AND for your readers? Remember that your readers always come first. Here are a few tips that may help.

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How Do I Get Google to Notice Me?

Pick me, pick me!  We know how you feel, you have your hand up wanting to be called on but so does everyone else.  If you are a website owner and want to be noticed by the world’s top search engine (yup, still Google) read on for our resolution-style search engine optimization (SEO) tips to kick of 2013.

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