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Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Woah!: Choosing the Right CMS

Choosing the right CMS

It’s clear that not all of us think, breathe, and dream in computer code. That’s why so many people are choosing to use a Content Management System (CMS) to get their websites off the ground. Thanks to the wide range of CMS options available today, you no longer need to be a card carrying member of the Geek Squad to create fully functional, totally slick web pages. However, you’re not out of the water just yet. How will you decide which CMS is going to be the best for you, your company, and, most importantly, your customers? In an effort to break through the clutter, let’s take a look at a few of the most popular options and explore the pros and cons. Onward!


Chances are you’ve heard of WordPress a time or two before. What was once, and currently is a blogger’s paradise has grown into a true contender in the CMS ring. WordPress’s main draw comes from its unparalleled ease of use. Even the most novice user can begin building a full featured website in just minutes. All of this simplicity does come at a price, however. Feeling a bit creative after a recent Pinterest binge? With WordPress, you are not provided with very much room for full artistic customization. Another drawback would be the constant updates that can quite often break the usability of your installed plugins, and therefore can render big portions of your website unusable.


Besides being really fun word to say, Joomla! is another very popular CMS used by thousands of web developers around the world. Joomla is a great because it manages to pack tons of development tools in its utility belt while still remaining as user friendly as possible. Its midrange mix of power and ease of use could be considered its greatest feature, but also its greatest undoing. While Joomla! is seen as a great middle of the road option for many users, others will likely desire to move along to another CMS that either dedicates itself to extreme user friendliness or full-fledged power and customization. Sometimes it’s tough being the middle child.


ExpressionEngine has built itself up to be one of the most popular options for CMS software due to its reputation of being a true powerhouse. With its wide range of add-on features, which are easily added and removed with a few mouse clicks, users can create professional level websites without any previous fluency in computer language. But what if you fancy yourself a coding Jedi after all? Well then code away, young Padawan. ExpressionEngine is open source allowing developers to crack into the source code to customize and personalize to their hearts’ content. All of this power and customization capability does come with a price – literally. While the full version can be more expensive than the others, which are often free, you truly get what you pay for with Expression Engine. If you’re serious about your web presence, it’s worth it.

There you have it; we’ve taken a closer look at some of the top CMS options and hopefully shed some light on the true differences between them. But what CMS does Terrostar use, you ask? Tune in next week for the exciting results! And be sure to let us know which CMS you like and why.