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Facebook News Feed to Read More Like a Newspaper

Facebook News Feed

Say what? Aren't newspapers old school and more like a step backwards? Not when there is less clutter and more stories. And, Facebook is changing its look again? Shocking...or is it. Users tend to get up in arms each time there is a change and we get that, people are creatures of habit. But we know change is inevitable in this day and age and especially online. That being said, we are going to embrace this change, like it or not! 

Only their second live event since going public last May, we heard from several executives on Thursday (March 7th, 2013), including Mark Zuckerberg, on the big changes ahead. Facebook's stream of information has been the same since the start with little to no need for change until now. In an attempt to give the people with that people want, Zuckerburg and Co. are making their News Feed the center of attention in the new design. Right now, it represents only about 60% of the page but the news feed claims much more real estate in the new design so that it really pops. Not only is it bigger but it is better because you can now filter by topic. Referred to as a "personalized newspaper", when you have just a hot minute to feed your social media addiction and want to know what's happening with your favorite sport, for example, you can use the "following feed" to get a quick glance at your specific teams, players, and/or scores in chronological order.

Not only that, but there is something in it for businesses too. As things are today, only a small percentage of followers see fan page posts but with these updates, 100% of fans will see posts to your news feed. This leads to increased exposure and greater visibility which is essentially what all fan pages are after.

The main News Feed will remain but now you have the option for several new versions to explore at your leisure:

  • All Friends
  • Photos
  • Music
  • Following

While this type of filtering may appear to be designed for more efficient use of your Facebook time, and therefore less time spent (i.e. wasted) scrolling through the feed, think again. After all, they do have shareholders to please now! While some of the other social media sites are making strides and cutting into the pie, Facebook's active members and daily usership numbers are still growing, despite the need for some users to go on hiatus from time to time. Some refer to it as "Facebook fatigue" and reasons for these breaks, sometimes weeks at a time, can vary from boredom to too much information to Lent according to Fox News. Perhaps absence makes the heart grow fonder!

So, Facebook on friends, and let us know how you like the new feed. You may not see it for a few weeks but it is coming!