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Facebook: Older and Wiser

Facebook Anniversary

A multi-billionaire at age 10, Facebook has the maturity and wealth to really have some fun. So, how will Facebook celebrate its 10th birthday? You have witnessed the preceding socially enhanced decade; let's look forward and see what our treasured 'book may be facing now.


That's right, Zuckerberg is considering personal profiles that are allowed to remain nameless in spite of being adamantly opposed to anonymity in the past. Could it be that he was inspired by Snapchat, Whisper, Rumr and other up and coming social platforms that thrive on user anonymity? Zuckerberg was young when he created this campus-confined student connector so it's quite possible that as his personal views have evolved, so have his business objectives.

Free. Forever ever?

In 2011, there was a rumor that went viral, causing users to become irate about the notion of having to pay for a previously free service. As we know now, it was a hoax and Facebook claims their service will remain free indefinitely. There is no way to say for sure, but we don't think you'll be paying to login anytime soon. After all, Zuckerberg is the 26th wealthiest person in the world thanks to Facebook's vast mobile and desktop advertising network...and that's just his first job! Side note: he turned down offers at AOL and Microsoft as a teen, say what? We're pretty positive he doesn't need to charge. ;o) Not only that, charging a fee wouldn't align with his goal to connect everyone in the world, including third world countries.

Piece of Paper

Facebook Paper, another new and exciting offering, already has fans revved up and fully recommitted to the social media site. Their best designers have created a new way to view a ten-year-old medium, answering the proverbial question, can you teach an old dog new tricks? Yes, yes you can! They took something they already had, the Facebook app, and made it better. We have to admit, we're loving Paper here too for its layout, usability and thoughtfulness. And who can ignore the oh-so-functional and gorgeous design? I'm not sure anyone will want to be anonymous after using Paper!

The future is just as unknown for Facebook as it is for any company. You can find articles detailing how Facebook will crumble like MySpace while others focus on longevity. Many emphasize the philanthropic nature of the youngest wealthy person in the world (youngest in the top 150 anyway) and his goals to make the internet available where it is now absent. Like others, Facebook has tried new ideas and failed. Zuckerberg admits that Graph Search works only about half the time. There was Facebook Deals in 2011 (competitor to Groupon), which lasted only a few months. We could list plenty of other "oops's" but in 10 years, they have clearly had more things go right than wrong. Who knows where the social behemoth will be headed next, what new products they will roll out, or what new business acquisitions they may have up their sleeve. Regardless of any bumps in the road, we think Facebook is here to stay...and we "like" it. 

Happy 10th birthday, Facebook! We're sorry, but we forgot to post this on your wall on Tuesday! Can we still be friends?