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LinkedIn Sales Navigator: A Beacon or a Bust

Linkedin Sales Navigator

As we begin to see more and more social media sites go public, an expectation of revenue growth from investors is implied. Most outlets will use forms of advertising, product pushing, and data farming but LinkedIn has taken another approach. The Sales Navigator product has opened up lines of communication in a social product that has previously limited interaction with uncommon connections. While this limited line of communication has reduced the amount of often annoying and sometimes unwanted salespeople, it has also protected LinkedIn’s premium subscription.

The Sales Navigator product has a few main components that make the monthly subscription very appealing to sales professionals all over the world. These products expand on the ability to connect with decision makers (over 30 million on LinkedIn) while organizing leads. Features of the Sales Navigator subscription include:

  • InMail: The ability to send private messages to people who are not in your network. This allows users to reach out to those decision makers, introduce themselves, and open the lines of communication.
  • OpenLink: Let users know you are an open networker, allowing people to contact you without the need for InMail or another user introduction.

  • Premium Designation: A golden premium badge that lets users know you are a premium member and opens up your profile for all to see. While this calls out that you are using LinkedIn to sell your goods and services, so does your profile. And really, what is wrong with that? People buy and sell every day!
  • Lead Builder: One of my favorite features! Build a lead list by geography, industry, size of company, function role, or seniority. This is a great tool that gives you the crucial information you need without having to pay for lead lists.

  • Profile Views: See who was viewed your profile and utilize that information to reach out to potential leads.
  • Organizer: Essentially a mini CRM that keeps your prospects’ information, history, and notes which makes it so that you don’t ever have to leave LinkedIn during this entire process.

All of these items come together creating a navigational beacon for sales professionals using LinkedIn to build their businesses. LinkedIn has spent the last six months really pushing this product to sales professionals while working to perfect it. I think they finally have the product positioned to provide great benefits to users while providing a big source of revenue to investors. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator is not a bust, in my opinion, as it has quickly become my beacon to sales prospecting.

Happy prospecting!