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Managed Marketing: Firm Up Your Marketing Plan

Managed Marketing

Many businesses experience the daily struggle of having just one marketing employee, or, even worse, none at all. So many times we have spoken with business owners that want to achieve major growth, but are fighting a staggeringly uphill battle to get there. When we sit down with these business owners, the first question we are asking (besides a gentile “How are you?” as we pull out their chair, because we are mega-polite like that) is “What are you doing for marketing now?”. Most will talk about various trade shows they are attending, events they sponsor, or even some mailers they send out here and there. The commonality we find amongst many businesses we speak to is that they possess no strategic marketing plan.

So what are the options here?

  1. Hire a couple salaried marketing employees to come in and overhaul the business
  2. Keep up the ‘spray and pray’ method of marketing
  3. Hire a marketing firm to come in to take over

Wait, pump the breaks a little, you may be thinking. Hire another business to come in and tell me what to do? You’re not alone. To many business owners their company is like their baby, and a wise man once said “Nobody puts baby in a corner.”

Tangentially related Patrick Swayze references aside, having an outside firm handle your marketing is not so much someone telling you exactly what to do, but more like an advisor providing skilled guidance. Hiring a third party to come in and evaluate your business has many benefits, and will provide information you never could have obtained on your own. Here are some of the biggest benefits that we see:

  • For close to what you would pay to employ one internal marketing professional, you can get a whole team of people. Now that’s a deal. It’s like Black Friday all year round!
  • Getting advice from outside the company gives you the ability to receive a very objective viewpoint on both your business and industry. Often times, having a business evaluate itself is like asking a fish what water feels like. You and your employees are so close to what you do that it’s extremely difficult to see things from an outsiders’ viewpoint.
  • Having an entire team of professionals solidifying your marketing goals allows you to achieve a consistent brand messaging and experience. Your business will have a clear and consistent voice across all marketing media. And who doesn’t want that?

I’ll stop there, but the list goes on and on. Hiring a firm is truly your best bet if you want to achieve fast and positive growth.