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Social Media Strategies for the Busy Social Media Butterfly

Social Media Butterfly

You have decided you want to be more efficient at this social media thing but you are unsure how to get there. Well, admitting is half the battle and letting us guide you is the other half!

The good news is, you don’t have to stay up until midnight to announce a promotion that begins first thing tomorrow. Not only are there great tools out there like HootSuite, Sendible, and Buffer, but your favorite web browser is likely in on the action too. And, many social media services directly offer handy tricks to make social work for you, rather than you working for it. Around the clock, no less. Who has time for that?

Click to Tweet

We do cartwheels over this one (space permitting). Did you know that you can prefill readers’ Tweets for them? Say you don’t want your blog title to be the focus of each “share” (maybe your blog title powers were weak that day). Instead, you choose the most “tweetable” content and your blog followers share it (see for yourself with our "Tweet This" button). Making you the boss. You essentially wrote their Tweet for them and made it uber easy to share and be social. Who doesn’t like social media with a side of boss and an easy button on top? 

Post Ahead

Choose the type of Facebook update you are making – status, picture/video, etc. – and then click the clock icon in the bottom left corner of the text box. Choose your desired date and time, then click "Schedule." These posts are editable via your activity log. The coolest part? You can actually schedule posts to appear in the past! So if you missed a holiday, birthday, or other special announcement, it is easily fixable before your social media manager finds out it was ever missing in the first place.

Chrome Extensions

If you are using HootSuite, for example, you may find their extensions handy. And they are available for all browsers, we just happen to prefer Chrome. When you find content that you want to share, but don’t want to leave the page to log in, you can simply schedule and share using Chrome’s Hootlet. We find this particularly handy when you are mobile and truly don’t have time for the extra steps. We challenge you to explore other extensions that work for you and your business. Yes, homework!

Reuse, Recycle, Repost

There is no written or unwritten rule that states that a post, blog, or other snippet cannot be shared more than once. This should come as a relief! Some experts will post the same content every 8 hours so as to capture a different audience each time. Plus, repetition never hurt anyone and this only helps you to work toward your goal of multiple touches to earn trust. You are passionate about your message so do what you need to do to get it out there!

You have homework now, so go and master these things. Be ready for a pop quiz at any time. Next week, we will discuss how to manage multiple account profiles within the same company or organization. Perhaps you have someone who is the “face” of your organization and s/he needs her/his own page in addition to the company page. We get that, you celebrity wannabes, you! And we can help. Please stay tuned.