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Terrostar Interactive Media is Our Name; Client Strategy and Creative is Our (New) Game

Marketing Strategy

First of all, we apologize for the title. You can rest easy, we have not rebranded into rappers. But we needed a catchy title and this is the best we could come up with the day before a holiday. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Well, we did it. We accomplished what we set out to do just a few short months ago and we can honestly say it was pretty seamless. Formerly known as Terrostar Web Design and Internet Marketing, we are now Terrostar Interactive Media (aren’t you glad we didn’t change to a symbol?). Why? That is a good question! Please allow us to do something a little different with our blog this month and talk about ourselves. I know, I know, not our typical style and it’s even borderline uncomfortable for us but we are extremely excited about the changes and feel like you are the bestie we want to share them with. Plus, it is important to us that you fully understand who we are (and who we’re not) so that we can be there for you when you need us the most.

The Overview

Who we are. Technically speaking, we were a digital marketing organization building beautiful websites and marketing online via social media, SEO, and paid search, just to name a few. However, we had many clients with needs beyond digital and because we really like our clients, we were fulfilling those needs. So, we decided to tie the knot by expanding our service offerings (officially) to those areas in which we were already working. I mean, if it’s not about our customers, then what is it about? Their business is our business and the same goes for their success.

The Offerings & Process

What we do. In addition to web design, online marketing, and mobile apps, you can utilize us for your full marketing strategy and professional creative to define and reflect your brand. In other words, you have a brand and it’s our job to make it memorable. How? A proven and flexible process of discovery, mapping, design, execution, and launch. Don’t forget the analytics for success measurement!

The Other Side

Who we are not. We are not an “ad agency” offering everything under the sun. We have a specialty/niche and we will stick to what we know best. If you need something beyond our capabilities, we have partners with which we can connect you. Good, trusted partners. But if you are looking for a phone book ad (yikes), a radio spot (isn’t this dead already?), or a television commercial (hmmmm), these are not interactive media and as your friend, we feel it is our job tell you that!

That’s it. Plain and simple with no complications, just as a productive and successful relationship should be. We will shoot you straight and we expect you to do the same with us. If you are seeking a truly engaging brand experience both on- and off-line complete with interactive conversations within your target market, let us explore and collaborate with you. Our team could not be any more passionate about what we do and, mostly importantly, you!