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Why did Terrostar Choose ExpressionEngine?

Anyone who has worked with Terrostar in the past probably knows that for years we have been utilizing a custom CMS that was developed in-house. Many of our clients still rely on it every day to manage their websites. The beauty of this product is that we have full control over all of the features and functionality. We know it inside and out. However, in our industry, technology changes fast.

So, we started searching for a CMS that could provide us with the same flexibility but with a good support network and regular updates. We insisted on no restrictive templates that could squash our creative or feature limitations that might disappoint our clients. After a couple of attempts on other CMS products, we finally landed on ExpressionEngine. Here’s why.

It’s not free.

“WHAT,” you say? “That’s a benefit?!” Yes, it is. Andrew Gunstone of Thirst Studios articulated this one the best, “So what do I get for my money (other than just the code!)…I get peace of mind that (if we need it) we can get support directly from EllisLab [the geniuses behind ExpressionEngine]…And for our clients…they get peace of mind that we can contact EllisLab for support!”

Let’s not forget that ExpressionEngine requires a one-time licensing fee of $299. Considering all of the features and capabilities of this product from a developer’s standpoint, this price point is amazing. We not only believe in the idiom “you get what you pay for”, we also live it.

The interface is clean and intuitive.

When we launch a new website, I train our clients on how to manage it with ExpressionEngine. I’ve found that moving around in the administration is easy and fast. The interface navigation can be customized with a couple of clicks. The WYSIWYG toolbars are familiar to anyone who has used Microsoft Word or similar programs. Most importantly, ExpressionEngine wasn’t built around a specific type of publishing like blogging (WordPress) or e-commerce (Magento). It’s sometimes described as “agnostic” to the type of content you want to publish. It’ll organize any type of content, no matter how complex, in precisely the way we tell it to!

Editing is easy.

Some of the biggest challenges I’ve faced when training clients on how to manage their websites is what to do with photographs. I’m not complaining (maybe a little bit) about our custom CMS, but inserting photos onto a basic page is really difficult. It requires the user to re-size or crop a photo to a specific set of dimensions. Then the photo needs to be optimized for web – all BEFORE it can be inserted onto a page.

With ExpressionEngine our clients can insert a photo right in the page editor, align it right, left or full width, hit submit…done. Our (amazing) developer predetermines the spacing around images, the final dimensions and can even put a pretty border around an image. No photo editing skills required.

I could go on…

Quality, inserting photos and familiar WYSIWYG toolbars are just a couple of reasons why I, personally, have enjoyed using this product. Search “Why use ExpressionEngine,” and you’ll find thousands of other opinions from developers, other agencies, and client end users. If you want to find out more, check out these sites.

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