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Top 4 Marketing Practices to Continue in 2014 and Beyond

Marketing Practices

For businesses, this is a common time to reevaluate old and consider new practices. Some things never change but some should…and will, whether we like it or not. Are your thoughts centered around marketing related topics several days into the new year? Funny, so are ours! But that is just everyday life for us.

Below are the top 4 practices we’re predicting to continue to be a large focus for businesses and marketing professionals in 2014. Yes, it’s good to try new things and diversify, but we caution against straying too far from the tried and true. Besides, if you’re always striving to be your best and constantly tweaking to make things better, you aren’t forced into new year’s resolutions but, instead, able to continue onward with whatever greatness it is you offer. Who needs a new year for resolutions, anyway?

Inbound vs. outbound marketing.

When is the last time you answered the door and were faced with a salesperson? Other than the Girl Scouts of America, that practice is long dead as are many other outbound practices. People are searching for you, talking about you, and needing you whether you know it or not. Be sure they can find you in all the right places.

Social Media will not die anytime soon.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram are the biggies, at least for now. Resist the urge to tinker with any new social sites popping up this year until you’ve really mastered the majors, which have shown proven results. Social media might be free of cost, generally speaking, but you all know how valuable your time is.

Be responsive and be mobile.

How many times have you surfed the web or purchased something online or checked your email from your phone when your laptop was sitting right there? I am guilty as charged and with smartphone usage on the rise, I have a feeling you might be too. But if I land on a site that is not mobile friendly and/or responsive (depending on the device in use), I am immediately discouraged and move on to the next. Don’t be that site! Don’t risk losing perfectly good customers. It’s not like the guy on TV selling the magic sunglasses that block all the rays here, it’s current technology that is not going away people!

Content is your friend.

We don’t see this changing anytime soon, if ever. Relevant content is great for your customers and prospective customers because it helps you build rapport and establish trust. It’s good for the search engines because it shows that you are actually doing what you say you are doing. It encourages healthy linking. Content comes in many forms, making it versatile (blogging, social media, your website, email blasts, billboards, you name it). And if you don’t believe us, it’s also the first thing Google lists in their Webmaster Tools page. We all know that if it’s on the Internet, it’s true.

There are your 4 for '14: get inbound, get social, be responsive and mobile, and don’t ignore Google. Duh. But you knew that. You are smart and savvy!