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Use Social Media to Maximize on this #HolidaySeason

The biggest shopping season of the year is almost upon us. Tomorrow we will be eating until our pants don’t fit, and Friday we will burn off those calories with the madness that is Black Friday.  Every shopper will be hunting for the best deal on computers, tablets, and smartphones before, during, and after their shopping excursions. All of that online shopping will lead a large number of shoppers to surf social media sites while standing in never ending checkout lines. All of this social media traction is a great opportunity for companies to spread holiday messages and promote products available this shopping season. 
During the holiday shopping season, everything is decorated from roof to ceiling with bright red bows, twinkling lights, and festive floral arrangements, so why not decorate social media sites too. Change your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram cover photos to something your company is promoting this holiday season, and include a link to the URL in the description so interested customers have no problems finding the item. If your company does not have a product to promote, a simple holiday image will work in place of your usual profile picture or cover photo. Just make sure the holiday image you select is subtle and emphasizes your brand and message without being too gaudy.
Once you have the customers on your social media sites, use a holiday themed content or giveaway to encourage them to interact with your sites. It could be a silly holiday photo contest or a ’12 Days of Christmas’ giveaway. The recurring giveaway would entice customers to continue visiting your sites day after day. According to SociallyStacked, 63.4 percent of Facebook users say they are likely to share a link to a holiday contest or giveaway. (1)
Along with the festive pictures, choose a couple holiday themed hashtags to use on Twitter and Instagram. Your company can use those hashtags to further promote products by tweeting or posting pictures of a certain item with the hashtag #christmasgift or #stockingstuffer. Using a holiday hashtag with a post or picture of a product will increase the chances of customers finding your product when looking for holiday gift ideas.
Put a holiday twist on the blog articles your company writes for December. If there isn’t a way to link the holiday season with your industry, keep it more general. Pick topics relating to the corporate holiday season; for example ‘how to choose the right holiday card for your company’ or ‘how to host the best office holiday party.’ The topics are still professional but give you more creative holiday-themed freedom to write a timely blog article. (1)
Social media could have a whole new role next holiday season. Starting in January 2015, Facebook users might be able to buy things online, without having to leave the site. Facebook is testing a ‘Buy’ button that would let users buy the product right from a post in a newsfeed.  (2)
There is no guarantee the ‘Buy” button will happen, but if Facebook is already testing it in some regions, it must have a pretty good chance. Make sure your company refines its holiday social strategy this year in anticipation of an even bigger holiday social media season next year.