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Honda Dealership Website Development

Zimmerman Honda

When Zimmerman Honda came to us, they'd been living with an outdated, tough-to-manage website. Dealership staff were responsible for maintaining a desktop website and a separate, scaled-down mobile website. Visually, both versions of the were content heavy and cramped. Plus, their search marketing efforts and search engine results were being thwarted by the website's antiquated technology. Given the retail nature of their business and Honda's brand quality requirements, the time had come to make a big upgrade.

Our goal for this project was to provide Zimmerman Honda with a combination of services that will connect with a large, diverse customer base online in order to grow the dealership. Terrostar's team worked alongside the Zimmerman Honda staff to create a new website that embodies the company's commitment to its customers. Together we developed a new responsive website that features a functional blend of clear navigation and slick design elements that complement the dealership's inventory.

  • Front-end Development
  • Visual Design
  • CMS Integration
  • SEO Strategy
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