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Do what you do best. Leave the website to us.

You've been looking at your to-dos and have already pushed it down the list several times. It seems like a lost cause. Maybe you can revisit it again in 3 months?

That dreaded "IT" you keep coming back to is your website!

We get it! You're busy doing what you do best! You know your website is important, but you just can't devote the time. You definitely don’t want a process that is going to drag out the next few months because you needed it, like, yesterday!

So, you do what you do best, and let us do what we do best!

Rapid Redesign by Terrostar

The Rapid Redesign Process allows you to get the ball rolling, then stand back while we do all of the work!

Step 1

Collaborate - We give you some simple tools to get started and find out your needs and goals for the new site.

Step 2 

Design - This is that part where you do nothing! Custom Design, Content Management, Site Development....we got this.

Step 3 

Reveal - Oooh and ahhh at your new responsive website! 

Step 4

Go Time! - Your site launch and CMS training are scheduled and you're done!

Intrigued yet? Less work for you, better design and function for your customers, and all in the matter of a 4 weeks? What’s not to love?!

We think it’s time you get started! (We would make the phone call for you too, but that would just get awkward.)  || 563.355.7174 ||

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