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Revenue Supercharger

So by this point we have struck your curiosity and got your ears to perk up with our Revenue Supercharger program. Now we will answer the question you asked yourself just a few seconds ago, “What the heck is a ‘Revenue Supercharger’?” Oh, did we mention we’re mind readers? At any rate, before we move on and knock your socks off, you should probably be sitting down.

Now are you nice and comfy? Great! Simply put, the Terrostar Revenue Supercharger gets our entire team collaborating and working on ways to boost your company’s revenues and profits. We work in several capacities not just as a separate service provider, but as an integrated part of your team. Utilizing a “new media” approach we are able to achieve growth rates that would knock the crazy out of your Grandma.

You’ll find that we use the terms “New Media” and “Legacy Media” around here. Just so we’re all speaking the same language, here is a handy outline of what we are referring to:

Digital Marketing

Now don’t get us wrong here, we still utilize legacy media and understand its value in the current market. Despite what some people may say, it still isn’t time to put some of the standard forms of media out to pasture just yet. However, we put a larger emphasis on new media techniques that produce higher returns, are easily adaptable and trackable, and give our clients the warm fuzzies.

Our Revenue Supercharger program is a not cookie-cutter type of program. In fact, it’s never the same strategy for every client. We use an extremely customized approach where we sit ourselves behind the wheel of your business and put the pedal to the metal. Our goal is to burn rubber by creating a made-to-order interactive marketing plan for your business that will achieve aggressive growth and increased profits.

So, you are interested and want to get moving, now what? Well, not every business is a good fit for our program. The first thing we do for each potential client is determine if your business is poised for the type of growth we are looking to achieve, and then whether or not this type of growth can be achieved using our arsenal of services. Yes, this means that we do turn away clients. We will only do so if we believe that our methods will not provide you with the stellar growth that we are looking to provide. Unlike other agencies, we are not looking to take your money, provide you a service, and cash the check while the ink’s still wet. We are here to help you invest in the future of your business and work hard to provide a solid return on your investment.

It may not be everyone’s favorite subject, but while we’re on the topic of investment, let’s talk money. We don’t provide average marketing services, and to be honest, we don’t charge the average price. The Terrostar Revenue Superchargers is based on a monthly retainer model with both six and twelve month contracts available. Prices range anywhere between $5,000 – $30,000 per month. Final price is ultimately determined by media we use, aggressiveness required, and overall scope of your business’ needs.

The bottom line is, no matter the final scope of your personal Revenue Supercharger solution, will provide you with a dedicated team of business growth experts and an entire arsenal of legacy and new media techniques that are guaranteed to take your business to pole position. Some may think we’re cocky, but we like to call it confidence.

Interested in learning more? Think your business will be a good fit for the Terrostar Revenue Supercharger program? Fill out the form below and we’ll talk shop to see if we’re the right pit crew to supercharge your business. On your mark, get set, grow.

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