what we do

In the olden days ... 

customers entered your storefront, interacted with you, maybe made a purchase, and possibly even signed up for your mailing list. But what if no purchase was made? People had only a few shopping options with no deluxe Interweb to research and compare options before purchasing. Your only real option was to bombard them with direct mail pieces or wrangle in foot traffic by slapping a sandwich board on a very unlucky employee.

Today, you have the ability to get in front of relevant and interested online shoppers by determining which search queries consumers use to find your products and services.

With this data, your website can achieve optimum visibility for the web surfers that are most likely to do business with you. Need to target local folks? No problem. What's more is that you can even reengage lost leads by displaying ads to your visitors as they navigate away from your website to continue their online travels.

Your Challenge. Our Solution.

Initial RevJump set-up includes:
  • Research target markets
  • Content creation for online ads
  • Online ad design
  • Online ad setup
  • Traffic tracking setup

You run your business. We'll do the rest.

Ongoing monthly work includes:
  • Online ads for prospective customers
  • Online ads for website visitors
  • Monthly traffic reporting
  • Manage listings on a variety of local partner sites

While we'd like to see you through one full year of our RevJump marketing services, we have created the 6 month option for you less-committal types. With either option, you'll get to see the power of digital marketing and we're sure you'll be back for more.