A Love Story…Sort Of.

The cost of a gallon of gas was $1.22, the Nintendo 64 was released and we could finally ask Jeeves how many tablespoons are in a quart…it was 1996. I figured it’d been 20 years since I’d put myself out there on the market and with winter right around the corner, I thought that now was as good of a time as any to find the right person…to put a new roof on my house.

Phase 1: Speed dating

I have plenty of friends who found their Mr. Right online, so I figured that was the best place to start for me. I poured myself a glass of wine and took a seat in my office chair and began typing…R-o-o-f-i-n-g D-a-v-e-n-p-o-r-t I-o-w-a. I hit ‘enter’ and before my eyes were dozens of eligible roofing contractors in my area. At the top of my page were the contractors who paid for primary placement while the rest were just listed on a Google Map. Those at the top had gone the extra mile to ensure that their special offers, rebates, and BBB rating were listed in the search results; while others passively sat on page ten and didn’t really seem interested in connecting with me. Overwhelmed by all of my options, I decided to spend some one on one time… with their websites.

Phase 2: Getting to know you

To make my choice, I needed to learn a little more about my options and decide was what most important to me in this relationship. I began clicking on some of the options that were served to me in my search. My first choice had a good reputation around town for being friendly, which is great, but he wasn’t the best looking. We all know looks aren’t everything, but it’s certainly important. A fuzzy logo, a disorganized menu bar, quite outdated and I couldn’t even find the phone number! How was I supposed to have a meaningful business relationship if I couldn’t even find a phone number? On to the next. My next choice had invested some money to ensure that they were listed at the top of the results and even boasted a perfect BBB rating. “Could this be the one?” I thought, as I entered a website that appeared to be some sort of generic local directory listing. There were no pictures or testimonials, but there was a phone number and a map that pointed to a home in a residential area so I nervously moved on. My third candidate’s result sat humbly toward the top of my organic search results. They had an inviting message under the link which led me to beautiful before-and-after photo galleries, an organized menu, a clean and fresh appearance, testimonials…this one had everything I was looking for!

Phase 3: Falling in love

I couldn’t wait to learn more. Would they be available for my project? How much would it cost? Could I trust them? Would my friends and family approve? After reading about the company and looking at the photo galleries, I nervously picked up the phone and called my Dad to let him know that I was considering this business relationship. He let me know that this company had worked on several of the neighbor’s roofs and everyone seemed to be happy with the work and finished product. After hanging up the phone, I submitted the form for a free estimate and called it a night… after doing some light Facebook stalking and looking at some more project photos the company had posted on social media.

Phase 4: Commitment

On my way to work, I received a phone call from the office manager at the company I’d selected and she scheduled me for my estimate consultation over my lunch hour the very same day! She let me know the name of the man who would be coming to do my estimate. I remembered seeing a staff page on the website so I went back once more so I knew who to expect. He showed up promptly at noon, explained the process and provided me with my estimate. He even told me he could start my project next week! I committed on the spot… all because they made a great first impression!

Phase 5: Let’s get serious

What kind of first impression are you making on your potential customers? Is your website outdated and disorganized or is it clean and inviting? Does it provide potential customers with all the information they need to take the next step, or does it leave them confused and moving on to a competitor? With most consumers conducting searches online before making a purchase decision, the spotlight on your website has never been brighter. From the color palette and images to the user experience and content, your website is the most critical piece of your marketing plan. Having the internet just a tap away in the palm our hands makes the competitive landscape fiercer for businesses each day. The great news is that you’re not alone on your quest to remain competitive online.

Our team is here to help with an entire spectrum of services to ensure that you make a lasting first impression on potential customers when they walk through your doors online. From the very beginning, we’ll listen to your business needs and concerns and design a plan to build and manage a site specifically tailored to you. Just as you’re an expert contractor, hair stylist, healthcare specialist, etc., we’re expert designers, programmers, and project managers! We’re here to take your vision for your business and reimagine it in in colors, shapes, features and words in a carefully thought out and expertly built website. Each decision made along the way is done so with one goal in mind: Help you grow your business. It all starts with our first date…so give us a call and let us get to know you and your business… and together, we’ll get you to phase 4 with your customers!