Build a Better Brand

Branding elements are the building blocks of each company. A brand tells the who, what, why and how of the company in a single image or sentence. When a customer see the bright red Coca-Cola logo or the Starbucks Siren, they know the company, its products and its promise to customers.

However, not all companies communicate their brand correctly. It takes more than a catchy logo for customers to know a company is trustworthy and dependable. A strong brand delivers a clear and credible message that customers can connect with on an emotional level. Almost every consumer has at least one brand they “love” and buy from repeatedly. (1)

So if your company is having an identity crisis, here are a few tips to build a better brand.

What’s in a Name?

A company’s name is one of the most important aspects of the entire company. It will be on all marketing materials, products, web address and can have an impact on future branding decisions you could make. You don’t want to choose words that are hard to pronounce, foreign to the target audience, or initials that are not immediately clear on what they stand for.

Instead, try combining words relevant to your business that will make one new unique word that explains what you do. You could also start with a prefix you want customers to associate with your company and build on it. For example the car company Acura use the prefix “acu” to express its accurate and precise car qualities.  (2)

On a Mission

It may seem obvious to want to provide the “best possible customer service” to customers. But, what does that mean exactly? Will you refund products that are damaged, not sent correctly, no longer wanted, and how long does your refund period last? Will you have customer service reps answering phones 24 hours a day? Make sure you have a list of tangible goals, and how you will enforce/attain each one, clearly written for both customers and employees to read. This is the important message customers will think about when seeing your logo, reading your tagline, and buying your products.

Create a Logo that Lasts

Behind each pretty logo is countless hours of planning. What it should look like, what aspect of your company should it communicate, what color and typography looks best while staying in line with your company’s personality. A logo gives companies the opportunity to tell clients about their products and mission statement with a single image. When done correctly, a logo can stand the test of time and still communicate the same message. The iconic jumping dear of John Deere’s logo has been in use since 1876. The logo is simple yet recognizable to customers. Sometimes the best logos are the simplest, just think about the Apple ‘Apple’, the Nike Swoosh, and the Twitter Bird.

The Tagline Twin

The tagline is the logo’s fraternal twin. They are similar and communicate the same message, but in a different way. The tagline is a short phase used to communicate the message the logo portrays visually. The tagline should be able to stand on its own, and be used to enhance the logo. It should be simple, like a short story that explains what your company can offer a customer, or how the customer will feel when using your product.

Article 1: Naming Your Business: How to Set Yourself Up for Success

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