Client Spotlight: LivWell Seniors | Web Design & Ad Campaign

When the time comes to determine senior care options for a parent or yourself, it can be a pretty overwhelming process to navigate.  The need to provide people with complete information regarding senior care options is how the birth of LivWell Seniors came to be.

LivWell Seniors is a free and local based resource dedicated to helping area seniors and their families determine the right senior living solution for them. They can also connect clients with the legal and financial services needed. Clients always determine the best path to follow, but LivWell provides all of the information needed to make an informed choice.

When LivWell came to Terrostar, the goal was to get the word out about who and what LivWell is, as well as show the value their caring and knowledgeable consultants can provide. A service that is entirely free to anyone who comes to them!   Our team sat down with Rhonda Halterman and Monte Schwarz of LivWell to come up with a plan to deliver the results they needed.

We asked Rhonda a little about her experience working with Terrostar.  While Terrostar had been recommended to her, Rhonda says they did have some hesitations.

“Initially we were concerned that Terrostar did not have specific industry experience with the Senior Living industry, but you overcame that with us very quickly.  Your intuition and expertise in your industry was well presented….”

The accolades that Terrostar has received along with seeing Terrostar’s strong partnerships with local businesses also helped LivWell feel like this was the right choice for them.

The process working with LivWell involved several key pieces.

  • A new logo that would establish their brand
  • A professionally designed website
  • Thoughtful, compelling and informative content
  • An online ad campaign to connect those searching with LivWell

The goal; to make LivWell the first call for someone when considering any kind of senior care options.

Our designer worked with Rhonda and Monte’s vision to come up with a beautiful logo, color scheme and web design.  The site is designed and set up on our Pyro CMS for easy management of their pages, content and information. And is a responsive web design – whether a family member is searching for care options on their cell phone or sitting at a home computer – LivWell’s site will be easy to navigate from any device!

Our own Tom and Brenna worked with LivWell Seniors to set up their ad campaign, a campaign that Rhonda has been really pleased with!

“We were impressed with how quickly LivWell landed on the first page of the Google search after launch!”
(There will be more about this campaign in a later post so stay tuned for that!)

A successful launch means we have checked off all of those boxes that a client has when they come to us – and this has been another very successful launch.

“We knew that your team really did listen upon your presentation. …in the end it was not necessary to have Senior Living experience to understand the value that LivWell offers to the end user. We are very happy with the results!  We know that this is just the beginning!”

View LivWell Seniors here!

Are you a new business like LivWell looking for a professional online presence?  Terrostar is happy to meet with you, listen to your business needs and help you make your mark in the digital world.  Contact us to start the conversation!