Client Success Stories

Quad City Bank & Trust

For the past ten years, QCR Holdings and Terrostar have been working together to create and evolve the client-facing websites and content management system for the six QCR Holdings banks located around the midwest. The custom website and CMS allow content managers at each branch to update their website in real-time, monitor and allow for security enhancements, and has decreased the time spent adding a banks’ website to the QCR holdings infrastructure following a merger.

“Prior to our partnership with Terrostar, we were taking about six months to roll a bank onto our platform. Over the years with Terrostar we’ve developed several processes that we are targeting now to bolt-on or divest the bank within 60 days and we are able to train the new employees in a matter of days.” Josh Dyer, Visual Brand Manager, QCR Holdings

Minute Suites

Minute Suites, a company that providers travelers with a place to nap, relax and work inside the airport, was relying on a third-party platform for their day-to-day operations. After some time and frustration, they decided it was time for a change. They came to Terrostar with several different systems picked out, hoping to bring them all into one centralized solution. But after a deep dive into their current processes, future goals, and the third-party systems they selected, we determined the best solution doesn’t involve third-party platforms. Instead, we custom-built the systems in a way that will allow them to grow with the company.

“We thought we knew exactly what it was that we needed and it wasn’t until we went through that [Discover and Scope] process that we truly understood that there was a much better way of going about this project. It was so beneficial for us because the end result is going to be a product that’s going to last for many many years.” Chris Glass, Chief Operating Officer, Minute Suites

John Deere Classic

In 2007, John Deere Classic was in need of a digital presence to help tournament spectators plan their visits and advertise sponsorship packages. Terrostar created a custom content management system and websites for the John Deere Classic tournament and Birdies for Charity online donation page.

“In 2015 we did a complete redesign of both the John Deere Classic website and the Birdies for Charity website so that we could edit our own content, add photos, especially during tournament week when things change quickly. Even a lot of times from my phone when I’m out on the course and things like that. The content management system that Terrostar has behind our website has been really instrumental in keeping us up and running that week specifically.” Ashley Hansen, Communications & Special Events Manager, John Deere Classic