Keep them coming back for more

Getting a potential client’s foot through the door can be one of your biggest challenges.  While there is no guarantee that you will be able to sell them once they are engaged, the opportunity is there!  So if your potential clients aren’t sold immediately, is there anything you can do?  If you use web remarketing, then the answer is yes, there is something you can do!

Remarketing is not a new term or fad in the industry.  It’s a proven technique for engaging users who have already shown interest in your company, your products, or your services.  If you aren’t familiar with remarketing, think back to the last time you did some online shopping.  Once you were done browsing or buying, you might go peruse Facebook or search Google or read news articles from your favorite news outlet.  Have you ever glanced over and noticed that the same retailer you were just shopping with just so happens to be advertising on the site you are now looking at?!  Maybe even showing you an ad for an item you added to your shopping cart, but ended up virtually walking away from.  What a coincidence!  Except that it’s not.  That’s remarketing!

Remarketing is done by using cookie based technology.  When users come to your site or specific pages of your website, they pick up a browser cookie.  Now when that user leaves your site to browse the web, you can create lists based on a whole slew of different criteria to go back and find that user through their cookie and target your ads to them!

Now remarketing doesn’t garner the same kind of numbers that other PPC (pay per click) advertising may, but the cost per conversion rate of remarketing vs other PPC campaigns is usually less than your average cost per click.   That’s because you are already targeting a very specific set of people with interest in what your business has to offer!  They have already put one foot in the door, and your remarketing campaign can entice them back as a repeat client or influence them to take another look at your company.

Remarketing has a LOT of possibilities. You can, very specifically, target certain markets with special promotions, ads for similar products of items they may have purchased, blog posts they may be interested in based on previous page history with you, etc.  We have helped many of our clients with successful remarketing campaigns.  And while each campaign will be different based on your business model, available products and services; if you can engage in remarketing, you should, it’s advertising dollars well spent!

If you have yet to pursue any kind of remarketing for your website, call us!  We can help you come up with a remarketing campaign that meets your specific goals!