Technical and Project Consulting

Our Proven Process

We’ve created a proven process to set up each client project for success. Our value-driven approach, based on years of experience, is called the Technology Impact Assessment, or TIA for short. The TIA is comprised of four phases:

  • Discover
  • Scope
  • Implement
  • Improve

Our technical and project consulting process is a variation of the TIA focusing on the Discover and Scope phases.

Phase 1: Discover

The Discover process will uncover issues with current systems and will guide our recommendations in future phases of the project. We look to gain a deeper understanding of your business goals and current processes by working through pain points and brainstorming areas of improvement. What we discover during this phase will be used to solidify goals and address areas of improvement with consistent, incremental, measurable development initiatives.

Phase 2: Scope

The first step in our Scope process is to compile a comprehensive ‘wishlist’ of features and then prioritize the list based on the expected impact and required effort. This development approach eliminates unnecessary, invaluable, distracting components from the project. Instead, what we build is designed to bring value to your organization quickly.

Implementation Recommendations

Once the Discover and Scope phases are complete, we compile our findings into a detailed report. It will outline our recommendations for technical and design features and functionality to implement. If you’re not ready to move forward after we’ve completed these phases, we understand. We will conclude our engagement, but the deliverables you receive are yours to keep.


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