Image is Everything

Everyday, bloggers are tirelessly working to make their message stand out above the sea of social media posts, blog articles and news sources. Blogs are everywhere, and most of what is being said has been said before. To create new content, and find a way into readers’ hearts, bloggers have started to understand the importance visual storytelling. Adorning your blog with well branded images and visual cues will bring your blog to the forefront, and keep your readers coming back for more.

Tell a Quick Story

Instead of spouting off a mini thesis paper, sometimes it is better to let the picture do the talking. Human brains can process an image in under 13 milliseconds, making visuals a more than effective way to share your message (1). Simply put, it takes less mental effort to process pictures, which is less taxing on our cognitive system (2).  By pairing down your word clutter and creating images, you will provide visual relief for your viewers and will avoid cognitive overload.

Drive More Traffic

What makes your blog special? As much a well-written blog article can leave you in awe, it means nothing readers don’t get as far as to click on the article. Compelling graphics will drive traffic and entice viewers to read more. Social platforms are another way to get more views and boost recognition, so make your images compatible for all your social platforms. A social media post that has an image along with the text is shared 53% more than regular, text-based posts. If you want people to share your posts, you want to make sure the image will easily convert.

Make The Images Unique

Avoid stock photography. I know, sometimes it is the easier (cheaper) route but you might find the “wow factor” will fall short. I am not saying you need to illustrate all your images or even photo art direct your own photo shoot, but find a happy medium. Custom = more attention. Also, keep in mind the more custom the image, the less likely people will rip of your design. It is hard to steal a design that has your branding/style smeared all over it.

Reinforce Your Brand

Remember, your blog is an extension of your brand. Consistent colors, fonts and styled imagery broaden brand awareness. By creating a well-branded blog you are reinforcing your skills in the marketing game, and driving people to your business. A prime example of a well-branded blog is an interactive agency by the name of Fine.  Their more than “fine” blog appearance is due to their unique blend of illustrations and photography, each with their own story. Another maybe obvious example is our blog, (not to toot our own horn but…). We use textures, a simplified color palette, and illustrations to extend our brand and to enhance our web presence.

Impactful imagery is a quick way to motivate readers and enhance your storytelling. Branded images, catered to your content, will add value to your blog articles and make it “pin” worthy. Images aren’t just the icing on the cake, they are a necessity for a well rounded reading experience. So start designing!

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