More than coffee and copies

Professional work environment.

When I was entering the spring semester of my sophomore year, I had no idea what I wanted to be doing. I had just changed my major to Computer Science based on nothing more than an 100 level Computer Science class that I had enjoyed. I hadn’t even considered what I was going to do with that degree, I was just hoping for a job. All I knew was I enjoyed the Computer Science and Marketing classes I had taken.

I got an interview for my first internship in April, then I played the waiting game for a month. I had no idea what I was in for when I found out I had gotten the internship. I had seen shows and heard stories of interns who just ran errands and got coffee for the office. Was this what the summer before my junior year of college was going to be about? Getting coffee and making copies?

I quickly found out that this internship was going to be more…much more. One of my first tasks was to test a group of websites, something that I had never done. I was given a quick walk through on what to do and some resources to help me, then I was left to get it done. That same day I attended my first meeting and got to see what the work environment was like and what the employees were like. Everyone was so willing to help if I had any questions on anything I was working on. I was blown away at how nice everyone was and how much fun we all had joking around. From that day on I was excited to come in every day.

In the next couple months I got to know the employees of Terrostar more and started to feel more and more at home every time I came in. I was getting to work on actual projects for them and felt like I was really contributing to the company. It felt like I was more than just some college kid who they had to put up with. I was having a blast working there and gaining invaluable experience. I learned more about the development of websites and the business side of things in the first few weeks I was there than I did in the previous semesters taking a classes over it.

Summer came to an end and I was sad to leave the place that I had come to feel so welcome at. I was lucky enough to get to come back over winter break and I was ecstatic. Throughout the fall semester of my junior year, as much fun as I was having at school, I couldn’t wait to get home and go back to working at Terrostar.

As my second stint at Terrostar comes to a close, I cannot express how thankful for them for taking a chance on me. My internship gave me experience in the work place and served as a resume builder just as pretty much any internship would, but I also was able to make some great friends and have a ton of fun.