Trust me. I’m a doctor.

A sunburn and tee shirt weren’t the only things I brought back with my from my recent trip to Florida. With my luck, I also returned with a cough, sniffle and an ear that refused to pop after my flight descended back in to the Moline airport. Upon returning home, I unpacked my bag and settled down on the couch with my computer to consult the higher powers (the internet) to find some tips and tricks to nudge my ear down the path to popping. Three diagrams, two videos and eight articles on Web MD later, I was pretty much a board-certified ENT and was ready to perform a medical miracle on myself. Only… nothing worked. I’d plugged my nose and did squats, stood on my head, slammed my head against the couch cushion repeatedly. I’d tried everything short of taking the toilet plunger to my head (believe me… I considered it!), but I was still half deaf and felt like my head was a ticking time bomb. Only then did I pick up the phone and consult my physician (the kind that went to medical school) and together, we made a plan of action.

In a world where we can, or at least we think we can, diagnose anything at the click of a button, there are just some things that you must leave to the pros. These things include, but are not limited to: building a house, diagnosing diseases, drilling and filling a cavity in a tooth and…yes, my friend…developing a website for your business!

Think back to the day you decided to start your business. That choice required a fair amount of money, time, risk and sacrifice. From your humble beginnings, look at what you’ve created! Your products and services are the best out there because you are the expert in your field, whatever that may be! From one expert to another, I want you to keep growing your business and serving your customers while my team builds you a site that will support that growth.

Sure, there are endless tutorials out there to guide your neighbor’s son’s dog breeder’s cousin along the way as he builds a website for you in the dark shadows of his basement, but do you really think he’s equipped to handle your e-store and the vast ocean of security requirements that come with selling a product online? Or what happens when the Department of Justice deems your site non-ADA compliant? What about when it just disappears completely and you can’t get a hold of your “web master” to recover it? What then? I’m not here to scare you, but I am here to help and protect you by saving you time, money and stress.

Say you’re an HVAC expert and you show up at a customer’s house after a panicked phone call because their furnace is broken and there’s supposed to be a snow storm tomorrow. After sorting through dozens of issues along the way, you get to the root of the problem but can’t help but ask your customer “who installed this for you?” Sure, one issue broke the furnace and it’s an easy fix…but what about all of those other small issues that are like ticking time bombs? Wouldn’t it just have been easier to do it right the first time?

We’re not doctors or contractors…but we are experts in design, project management and web development. Why Google it when we’re right here to help? We can’t wait to meet you!