QC Pet Cremation

Quad Cities Pet Cremation believes that pets are part of our families and that they deserve the best possible care when they pass away. The company offers a welcoming, comfortable place for families to say goodbye to their beloved pet.


Quad Cities Pet Cremation was in need of a new responsive website that reflected the care that they take when cremating a client’s pet. Visually, it needed to be friendly and welcoming. At the same time, it needed to make it easy for people to understand their process and contact them. Terrostar created a branding package for the company that included a logo, color palette and brand guidelines. We followed that up with a new responsive website that tells their story and honors the memory of so many furry friends.


The Services section of the website clearly outlines the company's process and the Pet "Tails" tributes allow pet parents to honor the memory of their beloved pet.