Simplify Content Collection Using Content Snare

Simple content collection using Content Snare

Terrostar uses many wonderful tools to make our client interactions more seamless. As a small agency, we have to work smarter to find tools that help extend our services, and make our production more efficient.

One tool that we use is Content Snare. Content Snare helps us minimize the complications related to content retrieval. Many of our projects come to a screeching halt when it comes to collecting all the website content. To avoid this bottleneck, we started researching easier ways to collect content from our clients.

Managing the Content

Many of our clients don’t have designated staff to manage the entire website project, including writing and collecting content. To make this task easier to manage we use Content Snare to break down the content collection into sections/chunks. This makes it more manageable for our clients as they start to write their content.

Complimentary Visuals

Not only does it break things down according to pages but it also includes a preview of the design. By showing previews of the layout, it makes it easier for our clients to see the space they are writing for. This puts things into context, and maintains the overall design integrity. The content is more fluid, and avoids all the back and forth questions.

As designer, I find this tool to be extremely helpful because of the organization and visuals it provides our clients. By breaking the content down in sections, it makes content writing less overwhelming in general. Content Snare has proven to help our overall content retrieval time, and makes this part of the web design process more manageable for clients and our entire team.