Client Success Story: Minute Suites

The Importance of Discover and Scope

Before starting a digital project, it’s important to consider all possible solutions to ensure the best product is made. We do this for each client with the first two phases of our Technology Impact Assessment, called the Discover and Scope phases. Listen to Minute Suites Chief Operating Officer Chris talk about the importance of this process and how it changed the Minute Suites project for the better.

Read Chris’s Interview Below

“Minutes Suites is a company that provides travelers with a place to nap, relax and work inside of the airport. We have rooms that feature a daybed sofa as well as a television and free WIFI. So travelers that might have a flight that’s delayed or canceled or they just have a little bit of extra time before their flight and they want to kick back in a room in a private setting we provide those by the hour for them.”

“We were using a third-party platform and it wasn’t quite meeting all of our needs and it really wasn’t integrated with all of our systems. We had several different piecemeal systems that were all coming into one so we thought if we could get a company that could bring all those pieces together we would have our ideal solution and centralize it into one platform. We quickly realized that what we were trying to do wasn’t going to be the ideal solution for Minute Suites. We essentially went from starting a conversation where we thought we knew what we were doing and going to do with a few different systems into one and coming to Terrostar and learning we can actually do all of this on our own without having to use some of these other platforms.”

“The first step that we went through and probably the most impressive step was Terrostar’s team really immersing themselves into our company and culture and exactly how we’re utilizing the system that we’re utilizing now. Going through this process and knowing somebody took the time to understand our company and understand exactly what our goals were really helped to define things moving forward for us.”

“We thought we knew exactly what it was that we needed and it wasn’t until we went through that process that we truly understood that there was a much better way of going about this project. It was so beneficial for us because the end result is going to be a product that’s going to last for many many years.”