Client Success Story: QCR Holdings

A Proven Partnership

For the past ten years QCR Holdings and Terrostar have been working together to create and evolve the client facing websites and content management system for the six QCR Holdings banks located around the midwest. This custom digital tool allows content managers at each branch to update the website in real time, monitors and allows for security enhancements and has decreased the time spent adding a banks’ website to the QCR Holdings infrastructure following a merger. Josh Dyer, Visual Brand Manager for QCR Holdings, shares his experience working with the Terrostar team and the importance of a strong digital presence.

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“QCR Holdings is a regional, full service financial institution. We have six independently operated and governed financial institutions around the Midwest with a central group operation. The digital solutions that Terrostar has created for us revolve around a website content management system which is the core base for all of our front-facing, client-facing websites.”

“We have content managers at each one of our banks. They all have a different level of technical expertise and each one of our content managers is able to edit the websites in real time.”

“Our needs change daily. Security changes daily so we built in a few functional specs with the help of Terrostar to centrally locate global functions such as wealth management disclosures so we’re able to update those in a single spot and roll those out globally across all of our websites.”

“Mergers and acquisitions are always a reality. And one of the core functions of that process is to merge a bank and to roll their website into our infrastructure. Prior to the Terrostar partnership, we were taking about six months to roll a bank onto our platform.”

“Over the years with Terrostar we’ve developed several processes that we are targeting now to bolt on or divest the bank within 60 days and we are able to train the new employees in a matter of days.”

“Our brand is all about people. A lot of our imagery is based around people. Our websites need to be accessible to any and all clients regardless of any disabilities they may have. Terrostar has been fantastic in helping us review those guidelines and how they are applied to our website without degrading our brand and without degrading our message.”

“I look at Terrostar as a partner. They are an extension of my team. They are an extension of my IT department. They know me, they know our company and they’re always willing to help. That’s why we continue to work with Terrostar.”