Capturing an Audience On and Off the Course

Terrostar won a Silver Davey Award for John Deere Classic's website

When we win an award, we don’t take it lightly. We feel privileged to work with our clients to create something we are both proud of. To us, we have already won an award; but, heck, who am I kidding? We still like a shiny reminder of our success. So, our team was thrilled to learn that we won a Silver Davey Award for our work on the redesign of the John Deere Classic website.

For many years, we were simply polishing up what they already had. This time, they were finally ready to overhaul the website. We couldn’t have been more excited to upgrade their digital image and improve their user experience.

Content Management System Upgrade

Not only were we able to create a modern website visually, we also added flexibility to the way they edited their new website. The previous website was clunky and didn’t give them much room for growth or change. The updated CMS  platform gave them the tools they need to edit far beyond what they were capable of in the past.

An Elevated Digital Presence

As a golf tournament their website must speak to volunteers, players, and spectators. With such a large, diverse group of people coming together for one event, we wanted to create a digital space that reflected their unique, community-rich tournament. To accomplish this, we opened up their website visually by creating a clean, simple design and by using more of the physical screen real estate. In addition, we incorporated more photography and iconography to tell a better story.

For many, this website is used to find tournament details, so we needed it to be user friendly. The intuitive navigation structure and the large scaling imagery not only makes it a better experience visually, but it works on desktop, tablets and mobile devices. With tournament attendees on the go, we needed to make the mobile experience easy.

Expanded Brand Elements

As a tournament sponsored by the well-established, John Deere, we had to adhere to their specific brand standards. We worked within John Deere’s guidelines, while also enhancing their visual elements for the tournament specifically. We created secondary color palettes that complement both the tournament and John Deere’s brand.

We’re honored to have been recognized for our labor of love. This was no participation trophy. We worked hard to create a stunning, modern website redesign that would capture John Deere Classic’s unique audience. With user-experience and growth in mind, we worked to create a digital space for John Deere Classic to flourish for the coming tournaments.