Meet Jayna Gallagher

Meet Jayna Gallagher, Terrostar's Digital Project Manager

Hi!  I am Jayna Gallagher, Terrostar’s Digital Project Manager (DPM).  What exactly is a DPM, you ask? Are you wondering if I had always dreamed about being a DPM my entire life?  Well, frankly, no.  To answer your question, a DPM is the person who manages tasks and other project-related duties such as scheduling, interfacing with clients, delivering projects on time, and many other duties as assigned, for all things web-based.

Feeding My Need to Organize

While I did not have childhood aspirations of becoming a DPM, the role and responsibilities suite my Type A personality quite well.  It feeds my need to organize and fulfills my love of meeting wonderful people and building relationships. Most importantly, it allows me to be part of something much greater than myself – a kick ass team of highly creative and driven colleagues who I am fortunate enough to call friends.

No Two Days Are the Same

I’ve spent the last 15 years in the marketing arena in various capacities.  I can unequivocally say that my favorite things about the marketing world, are meeting so many wonderful and varied clients, and the unique projects of which I’ve been fortunate enough to have been involved.  No two days are the same, and that keeps me and my team on our toes.

When I’m not organizing all the digital things, I’m organizing my two kiddos and husband and our crazy, fun household.  They’re my guinea pigs for new recipes, companions on a run or walk, and travel sidekicks.