Two Common Website Design Questions

Terrostar answers two of the most frequently asked website design questions

As a designer who has worked on hundreds of creative projects, I’ve fielded thousands of questions. None are too small or silly; but these two questions are – by far – the ones clients ask most often.

  1. Can I change the images on my website?
  2. Why is my design mock up written in a foreign language?

Can I change these images on my website design?

Yes and no. This is a clear question that I answer with a vague response. Our content management system (CMS) includes image editing capabilities. You can add, remove, tag and crop images. However, there are situations when changing an image is simple and others when it’s not so simple.

For example, when I create a design, I incorporate elements meant to enhance or emphasize your brand. They add to the custom appeal of your website. You’ll find some of these unique elements sprinkled in the hero banner, icons, background images, etc. These specialized areas should be curated by a designer. There is some flexibility, but it is better to have a designer put his or her hands on it in order to maintain the integrity of your website.

On the other hand, staff bios, event images, blog graphics, or inventory listings are areas where a client can easily change out graphics. In fact, we plan for it so the overall appeal of the website won’t be affected.

Why is my website design mock up written in a foreign language?

In our development process, the design phase happens early on. It’s rare – very rare – that we would have final website content before we are ready to design.  To keep things moving, we add “filler text” to our design mock ups. It is a computer-generated language called Lorem Ipsum. Its purpose is to help our clients see what their website will look like when it’s filled with text.

By mapping out the design with Lorem Ipsum we can better show our clients where we need new areas of content. At the same time, this helps clients visualize the flow of the website and provide a framework for the amount of content they need to write. It keeps the content more relevant to the layout.

We welcome your questions and appreciate the interest our clients take in their projects. We hope if you have any more questions that you’ll reach out to our team. We are here for you!