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3 Tips to Pick the Perfect Holiday Card for Your Company

My family celebrates Christmas and I absolutely love this time of year! Snow is still exciting. “It’s a Wonderful Life” and 24-hours of “A Christmas Story” take over my TV. I get to spend too much money and not feel guilty because I’m buying gifts (wink). But, there’s a downside to everything. For me it’s holiday cards.

I find the process of choosing the perfect photo and layout stressful. Fortunately, there are dozens of great websites to help me pick a nice design and thoughtful message for my personal cards. I like Shutterfly (http://shutterfly.com/), Tiny Prints (http://www.tinyprints.com/), and Minted (http://www.minted.com/) in particular.

However, in my creative neck of the business world, there is a lot of pressure to design cool, trendy cards. No pre-made templates for us. I’m neither an artist, nor a particularly clever writer. So, when it comes to holiday cards, I focus on the process itself and delegate as much as possible. (I mean, I have my OWN holiday card to stress about, right?) But as the Agency Director, I have to contribute. Here are a few ideas from a non-designer, non-writer that may help you get your company’s holiday card in the mail just in time for the New Year!

Collect Your Mailing List First

Probably the most tedious task of all is creating a spreadsheet of your mailing list. The number of cards you send will impact not just the postage fees, but also the printing fees. Whether you’re using a professional printer for your custom designs or ordering from a service like Shutterfly, you need to know your quantity. Plus, this is a good time to make sure customer addresses are correct or pare down your list to only current clients.

Look for Inspiration

I mentioned a few services already, but there are many, many more. Even if you are designing a custom card for your business, it’s very helpful to look around and find a few designs you really like – ones that you feel represent your type of business and your customer base. Many services offer some advanced search features that allow you to narrow samples by style, size, color, and paper quality. Here is a list of resources for inspiration.


Misspellings are only cute when they’re done by little kids. In a professional atmosphere they’re embarrassing. If you wrote the text for your card, let someone else do the proofing. Even better, have a few people proof the card. If you’re on your own, find a company that will send you a proof of the card before they’re all printed. It’s worth the extra charge.

Just for Fun

If you have some extra time or you’re in need of a laugh, check out these collections of the best and worst season’s greetings from years past.


Happy Holidays!