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Journey to the Website Warlock: Part 2

It had been one day since Flurry and Jingle left the North Pole, and Flurry was starting to feel discouraged. There was nothing but snow and trees, trees and snow out in the arctic tundra. He was afraid they were on an endless journey with a destination that couldn’t be reached.

Jingle, on the other hand, was still filled with the same adrenaline and excitement as when the two friends first left on their journey. He was making a mental list of all the questions he wanted to ask the Website Warlock, and dreaming of the day he would be named Head IT Elf. Then Glitter would definitely go on a date with him…

As the pair continued walking through the fresh powder snow, both deep in thought, they failed to notice a small igloo off to their right, almost hidden in a big patch of evergreen trees. It was only when Flurry noticed two beady eyes watching them from the shadows that he realized they were not alone.

Flurry silently nudged Jingle, directing his attention to the mysterious shadow creature. Both were about to run when the figure yelled out “Wait” and Flurry and Jingle froze in their tracks.

As the mystery figure emerged from the shadows, Flurry and Jingle realized it was not a terrifying Yeti or an ice monster, but rather a small penguin with big blue eyes and a bright yellow smiling beak.

The penguin invited Flurry and Jingle into her igloo, which was surprisingly much cozier than you would expect from a house made of snow. She offered them hot cocoa and sardines, and they happily accepted the hot cocoa. When the penguin asked what the two were doing so far away from Santa’s Workshop, Flurry began to describe his ordeal with the NNL program and their quest to find the Website Warlock for answers.

“Website Warlock” was all Flurry needed to say. Instantly, the penguin started running around her igloo grabbing paper, pencils and a very old looking map. Flurry and Jingle were startled by the sudden movement, nearly knocking over the pot of cocoa.

The three were quiet for quite a while. Flurry and Jingle watched as the Penguin consulted the map, drew a few lines on the paper, ran outside to observe the stars, ran back inside and drew more lines on the paper. Just as Flurry was about to ask what the penguin was doing, she handed him the finished product. 

 At first glance, it looked like a bunch of swirly scribbles. But with a closer look, Flurry realized it was a very detailed map. It started right where he stood in the igloo, and led him through the Icicle forest, past the frozen gumdrops and directly to the coded cave of the Website Warlock. Finally Flurry was feeling hopeful that he and Jingle could actually reach the Website Warlock in time and save Christmas!

Flurry and Jingle each guzzled down one more cup of hot cocoa, said their thanks and goodbyes to the penguin, and they were off once again. However, this time Flurry was much more hopeful about their journey. Maybe it was all of the sugar from the cocoa, but he was actually excited for the rest of their adventure. They had full, warm bellies, a map, and a new wave of adrenaline to keep them going all the way to the Website Warlock.