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Marketing Masters

The Challenge

It’s no secret the marketing industry is a continually evolving domain. It has gone from traditional marketing tactics like print and TV advertising, to an online focused form of content marketing with blog articles and email campaigns. Throw in social media and SEO, and strategies can become outdated in a matter of weeks. The challenge for all marketers is to stay ahead of the curve, before knowing what the newest approach will actually be, and playing catch up when that curve isn’t what they expected.

The Tool that Rules

Much like a construction crew, a marketing department needs the right tools to build a successful marketing strategy. But, rather than literal drills and screwdrivers, we need knowledge. There is a new term for that figurative marketing ‘tool’ – the ‘Jack-of-All’ marketer. They are SEOs, content strategists, and social media marketers all rolled into one; the Swiss Army Knife of the marketing world.

The most challenging aspect of creating a marketing strategy is keeping the message cohesive. The social media should reflect the content, which should reflect the SEO, which should all reflect the brand. That cohesiveness can be lost within a large marketing department. Separate groups of people each working on a different portion of the overall strategy have the potential to disunite the image. The idea of content marketing is to produce quality content you can share through social media, which can then be used to interact with customers. If customers are seeing multiple different messages from one company, the brand and ultimately the trust of the customers is lost.

Working with a ‘Jack-of-All’ marketer can help create a seamless campaign. The knowledge they possess in online marketing (SEO, content, and social media) will help weave together all three aspects into one unified message.

“Traditional marketing talks at people, content marketing talks with them.” – Doug Kessler

As of November 2014, 67% of the US population has at least one social network profile.(2) 2015 will only bring a bigger emphasis on content marketing, with companies focusing more time and money on blogging and communicating through social media. The difference (and success) between traditional marketing and content marketing is the conversation companies are now able to have with their customers. Unlike traditional radio and TV ads, social media lets consumers interact directly and spontaneously with a company. 58 % of consumers who plan to buy a product visit the businesses’ Facebook page before purchasing the product in store. (3) That reliance on Facebook alone creates an infinite amount of opportunities for marketers to build trust with the consumers through creative content (i.e. blogs, videos, product demos) before the customers ever step foot in the store.

These ‘Jack-of-All’ marketers are the future of the industry. They understand what is required both in skills and knowledge to create a seamless marketing strategy that contributes to the bigger picture.

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