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3 Social Media Myths, Busted

You’ve been sailing along, tackling your company's social media strategy when time permits. Things are good, you’ve got a few more likes than you had this time last year and your posts are creative and on point. You have convinced your friends and family to follow your business page minus Grandma who isn’t quite up to par yet on-the-line (Grandma speak for "online"). So what’s the problem? Let’s just say you’re not doing anything wrong but there are things you could be doing right, advancing yourself to that next level of social media hierarchy.

You think social media is for the birds.

Confession: This one is somewhat true but mostly false. If you are referring to Larry the bird, Twitter mascot and world-renowned blue bird, then yes social media is for the birds. We'll give you the benefit of the doubt here and assume that you believe in the powers of social media but your superiors aren’t fully on board yet. We understand that some people can be a harder sell, especially those from the phone book and face-to-face era. Social media marketing for business is so much more than meets the bird's-eye. Think about all of the personal data inputted by consumers (demographics). Then consider how much can be gleaned from them in terms of their personal preferences and behaviors (market research, #everymarketersdream). Now, think of the ability to converse directly with consumers, and get the whole story (demographics + market research + symbiosis = triple threat). To have the ability to publicly respond to a complaint, for example, and show that you are proactive and on the customer's side, turning a potentially dangerous situation into a positive experience, is definitely not for the birds!

You think Facebook is enough.

Facebook is a powerhouse and certainly not struggling for a fan base but, still, it’s only part of the puzzle. Some favor Twitter, which is resembling Facebook more and more, or Google+, which is much more dual purpose than any of the others; LinkedIn is great for business networking and the more serious socialite; Instagram and Pinterest are handy for more visual socialization. Each social media service has its own style and purpose and, depending on your goals, can fit into your arsenal of social media tools. Plus, keeping all of your socio-economic eggs in one basket can have its downsides and we don’t recommend seizing this as your big risk-taking moment. Explore your many options and save the risk-taking for the Lottery or sky diving. Or eating that weird vegetable that you're more curious about than you want to be. 

You think posting is enough.

Regular posting is a must but the buck does not stop there. In fact, the buck never stops. Social media marketing is built for ongoing conversation between brands and consumers, consumers and brands. Once you have worked so hard to elicit the attention of your target audience, the last thing you want to do is lose it. Be sure to reply to fans’ and followers' comments, like and interact with other brands in your industry, share interesting stories, and generally be involved. Remember last week's blog, it's not all about you all the time. If a respected business in your community does something commendable, share the love with a social tag. If you want to mix things up a bit, run a contest – it can be simple or complex, either way, you’re engaging your audience and hopefully getting them excited. Don’t forget to keep your bios (not to be confused with BIOS) up to date. Share your blog on social. Ask questions. Never stop engaging!

Bonus item: Social media advertising options are vast. Most social media marketing services offer targeted ad campaigns and you don’t have to spend a ton to get results. You also have the convenience of tweaking your ads as you go which is the inherent beauty of digital advertising! Give these ads a try and then phone a friend to share your success. P.S. We are your friend!