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The Zero Moment of Truth

Zero Moment Of Truth ZMOT

What is the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT)?

It is Google’s way of describing that moment where a consumer has done enough research (largely online) and a buying decision has been made, often long before the actual purchase. The Internet has changed our buying behaviors so drastically that many of us wouldn’t even know what to do without it anymore (and we certainly wouldn’t know that we are without a doubt getting the best value for our money)!

How does ZMOT apply to you?

Whatever your goal is for having an online presence, whether it’s a phone call, sale, completed form, downloaded song, social media like, or a number of other things, you are after something. That something is a conversion, even if it is nothing other than getting visitors to read your blog and learn a new recipe. You wanted them to learn it from you, NOT the other food bloggers. This is what makes ZMOT important in getting them to also trust that the information, product, song, recipe, etc. of yours is the best out there for their needs. And that often involves visiting multiple sites and sources which, eventually, led them to back to yours.

What sales funnel?

We can no longer expect consumers to march neatly and cleanly through the sales process. Inbound marketing has taken over as the Internet has changed the way in which we do business. Amazon is convenient and I don’t have to hear a lengthy sales pitch. Using my favorite store’s app is preferred 10 times out of 10 to a telemarketer from a store I’ve never even heard of calling me at night. The sales funnel as we know it is exempt. Consumers tend to solve their own problems. Instead of pushing or bullying shoppers into buying what we think they need when we think they need it, marketers have to create tidbits from which the shopper can pull. Or, as stated in Google’s ZMOT handbook, “the way you advertise at the Zero Moment of Truth must be completely different, because every lead is initiated by the consumer”.

What are considerations for ZMOT?

  • Length of the shopper’s journey; patience.
  • The number of sources used along the journey; we use twice as many sources today as compared to the past.
  • Online searches are equal to and possibly becoming greater than referrals as sources; evolution.
  • Mobile information is ranked highest in shaping purchasing decision among those who use online as their primary source; we told you so.

What does content marketing got to do, got to do with it?

Everything. It is paramount to be in the right place at the right time. How is that done? Develop a strategy that diversifies your content offerings. Utilize what might be new-to-you but otherwise tried and true mediums. Have you blogged yet? Do you send out a newsletter? When was the last time you updated the content on your site? If not, what are you doing to convey to your users that you are the expert and trusted source? This is a constantly evolving, ever changing endeavor that is fast paced and it can be invigorating if you let it! Don’t be left standing in the dust.

Thoughtful behavior online is happening; you are a consumer, consider your behavior or ask a small pool of friends and/or colleagues. We are confident you will find the answers! And if you don't, there is always your trusty interactive marketing firm ready and willing to help out. ;o)