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Google Chrome

Google Chrome has fast become the most popular browser used today. Whether a casual user or mad coder, there are many reasons to love this Google product.


Just like its search tool, Google keeps Chrome's design very simple and focused. If web browsing is what you want, web browsing is what you'll get. Yes, there are other bells and whistles (i.e. add-ons) but they too, are kept simple and straightforward when compared to other modern browsers. Starting with only forward, back and refresh buttons plus the favorites star at the base model, you mainly see nothing but plenty of whitespace giving your favorite websites plenty of real estate to stretch their legs. After all, that is task number one on a web browser's job description. Toolbars and overlays are not allowed so you get just a minimal two row window. But who needs them because you can just Google search right from the address bar. Minimalism at its best.


Like others, Chrome offers uber-handy tabbed browsing, but did you know Incognito mode was an option? Perfect for moments that require the utmost discretion, while activated, neither your history nor cookies are recorded or saved. Probably my favorite feature is account syncing. Regardless of device, your settings, bookmarks, apps, and so on are stored in the cloud. So if you are operating on a desktop at work but aren't sure if that awful feeling in your stomach is that questionable kung pow chicken fighting its way up or the stomach flu, then you can easily log in from your home device and pick right up where you left off at the office. And best of all, you won't be patient zero of your next intra-office flu outbreak! Everyone wins!


Add-ons, extensions; tomato, toe-mah-toe. From a thinner scroll bar to GIF making, this browser has it all. I've recently been using extensions that allow me to quickly pop out a new window and take full or partial page screenshots; I heart these types of timesavers. If there are any Pinterest fans reading, YOU HAVE TO GET THE PINTEREST EXTENSION. Have you ever had trouble finding the Pin It button? Doesn't matter now, it's in your browser and anything pin-able on that page will appear when you hit it. SO COOL! Frankly, any social media can be integrated and while yes this may seem to clutter your previously simple browser, it does consolidate your social media life. And who doesn't want that?


Outlook, Quick Note, and Google Drive are some of the most popular. We want our apps and download them too. And why shouldn't we when that is what they are there for? The more I write here, the more I realize I've been spending so much time working and not nearly enough time customizing my Chrome browser. I'll be right back.


For you, techie, I don't dare attempt to speak your language but instead refer you to this article for some juicy bits. See what I did there?

Sometimes, less really is more. Google has proven this time and time again. They have also made it so that extremely complex backend processes are able to function simply and quickly on the front end. I've often wondered what I ever did without my cell phone and now I'm wondering what I ever did without Google! Oh yeah, I just used Internet Explorer, Hotmail, Microsoft Office and Ask Jeeves.